Tips for Overcoming Writer’s Block

“It’s pretty common”, “it happens to everyone”, “it’s okay, you’ll get it next time”, “this has never happened before” – all common sayings when talking about writer’s block.

You’re right at the beginning of your creative process and you’re trying to figure out how to start. But you can’t, the walls inside your brain have come up and you can’t think.

That’s cool. It does happen to everyone at some point, it is common, and it absolutely is okay.

It’s knowing how to overcome these moments and getting on with it. I’ll talk about a few tips that have helped me when I hit these barriers.

Change Your Location

This one was a saviour.

Think about where you currently write. Is it at home? Where you work? These two places are linked with comfort and work, respectively. The idea here is to remove yourself from a place where your brain will associate with comfort or work.

Grab your notebook or laptop and go to a quiet cafe, park bench, anywhere you’re not in familiar surroundings.

Putting yourself in this environment automatically tells your brain to stfu and work. You’re not in a place of familiarity, so the level of comfort has greatly reduced, nor are you in an area of work, so your mind should be in a good ‘in-between’ zone.

Now you can work.

Keep a Notebook With You

This one’s a no brainer. Inspiration can literally stroke at any second. You want to be able to remember this. Carrying a journal or notebook with you will allow you to record your thoughts, make notes, write down observations, anything.

I have pages and pages of random thoughts and story ideas in a bunch of journals that have found their way into my scripts/stories.

It’s inexpensive, and is a good way of keeping a record of how your ideas have developed over time.

Eat Healthier

Now this one is a little random, but is one that significantly changed the way I approach writing.

It should be common knowledge that your diet is linked to your mood. So many times I have eaten horrible food that have just left me feeling ridiculously lethargic and in a negative mindset.
Introduce a little healthy into the diet and things improved greatly. I’m not going to write up a diet plan here, but it’s really common sense; remove the processed stuff, eat more whole foods, h20, that kind of thing.

That’s it, For Now. Now Write!

There are a whole host of things you can do to improve your writing habits, I’ll be posting more as time goes on. I’m not completely there yet, I get the block all the time, but these three things are huge contributing factors to making me write.

Let me know how you get on! Drop me a line on my Twitter (@MovievilleKazed) or you can email me ( I really want to know how people respond to this!



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