Booq Boa Squeeze: A Home for your Tech

Finding a well-designed, high quality carry case for your tech can be a tedious task; is it light? Will all of your daily tech equipment fit in one case? Is it waterproof? These questions amongst others are answered in this review for the Booq Boa Squeeze laptop carry case.

Upon receiving this luxury holdall it’s obvious why one would choose such a beautifully designed, lightweight case suitable for a laptop sized between 13-15″.

The Bag

The description for this bag on Booq’s website says:

The slick Boa squeeze laptop backpack is packed with storage capacity. With a premium interior, soft laptop compartment, it has more pockets than you can shake a stick at.

The Booq Boa Squeeze

They’re not lying. This thing, on the outside looks like a normal rucksack. Open it up though, and you’re treated to this carrying case with huge amounts of space which is evident when you inspect it closely.

The inside of the Booq Boa Squeeze

Featuring a water-repellent coated 1680 denier ballistic nylon exterior preventing your bag and its contents from being damaged along with a soft Nylex lining, you can be sure that it won’t damage or scratch your gear.

Space for your 13″-15″ MacBook or PC

In a surprisingly compact design, the Booq Boa Squeeze offers a vast amount of space for your 13-15″ notebook, tablet, mobile phone, chargers and other accessories. The incredibly lightweight nature of this bag makes it even better to carry around, meaning it adds little weight on those days when you have to carry just a little longer.

Around the bag you’ll find a number of pockets, enough to put your daily tech as well as a convenient mini pocket along the top of the case for your keys or mobile phone; perfect for quick access.

A pocket which spans the height of the bag

On either side of the bag you’ll find two longer pockets for your chargers, or anything you may want to stuff into this spacious wonder.

Terralinq Lost-and-Found Service

I’ve yet to see a bag manufacturer offering similar services, but nothing comes quite close to Booq’s Terralinq service, which allows you to be able to locate your bag in case you misplace it.

Terralinq’s unique item number

It works through a unique item number located on the back of the bag itself on a nifty little metal label.

Register it to the Terralinq service on the dedicated page provided by Booq and you can rest a little easier knowing you’ll have the added security of the Terralinq Lost-and-Found service.

With a huge amount of space on the inside, the Booq Boa Squeeze is available from the Booq website at £110.

Folks, the Booq Boa Squeeze is as premium as it gets. With a huge amount of space along with it’s premium, lightweight and stylish looks, this bag will protect your gear as well as allow you to look the part.



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