What I’ve Discovered About My Habits

At any one time, I have a bunch of different ideas going through my head, whether they’re ideas for a book, screenplay or something to shoot.

I have this really frustrating habit of starting an idea that I think would be a brilliant one, and I’ll think up an amazing beginning, middle and- that’s it. I start to flounder when it comes to thinking of an appropriate way to end this ‘amazing’ idea I have.

I think it’s a fairly normal process for many writers to struggle at this point, but that’s okay. Recently, I discovered a wonderful idea which I really should have though of before; why not use a beginning of one of the many stories I have and recycle into an ending?

The idea of this came from an interview which featured Max Landis who, for those of you who still don’t know, was hew writer for Chronicle and more recently, American Ultra.

Recycling beginnings into endings is an innovative new way to breathe life into projects.

Gods bless Max Landis.



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