Changing the Way I Work

I recently started to vlog, but on a more regular basis, like a series of videos that are uploaded every few days.

I mentioned in this video that simply creating blogs wasn’t going to cut it. To succeed in this vast and overpopulated land that is YouTube it’s necessary to change the way you do things. It means changing the way you create content.

I’ve been creating vlogs for the last month or so, and have seen some decent activity across the channel. But right now, at this point it’s not about metrics. It’s about developing myself as a practitioner and ensuring what I do is of good quality. You can make as many videos as you like, but if the quality is shit, then what’s the point?

From now on, there’s going to be better quality on these videos and the only way that’ll happen is through insane planning and forward thinking.

This post is an accompaniment to this video, and it was meant to support the fact that in order to get ahead, you need to change it up, work for it, put the hours in – “hustle”.

This video will serve as a catalyst, a gateway for the creation of better, higher quality videos.





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