Filmmaking on a Budget: iPhone

One of the latest videos I created was the first part of the ‘Quick Cuts’ series I’ve started on my YouTube channel.

The first in a series of budget filmmaking videos I intend on making, this video looks at how you can stabilise footage using three inexpensive mini tripods to help when filming on the iPhone. 

There are a huge amount of people using iPhones for filmmaking now, so it makes sense to make videos for individuals who are looking for cheaper ways of improving iPhone footage.

Over the next few videos I’ll be covering filming on an iPhone, editing on an iPhone and more.

So many people don’t realise there’s a huge amount of potential filming on iPhones (I mention iPhones because there have been films made with them, evidence proving they can be used for theatrical purposes. I’m not being an Apple fanboy), yet nobody seems to know how to fully harness their power.

That will be the purpose of this particular iPhone filmmaking series.

Cool. Check out the video – the links to the things mentioned in the video are below.


Manfrotto Pixi

Can’t seem to find the flexible tripod, but there are tons of them on Amazon. This one is also cool.




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