How to Travel Through 3 Time Zones and Survive

This past Monday gone, Heena (my wife) and I returned from our month-long tour where we travelled through 3 (technically 4) time zones and had the time of our lives.

I’m writing this post because I want to tell you things you may already know, but might need a reminder if you’re going on holiday.

Medicine. Medicine Medicine.

Listen, don’t be an idiot. Take medicine. Take paracetamol, diarrhoea tablets, Pepto, Tums, all of that. Based off the experience we had, you’re gonna need that sh*t. You’re never gonna know what to expect, but you can always plan ahead.

This was near the volcano in Hawaii. I think. At least it looked like a volcano. Who knows.

Water. H2o. Some kind of liquid you can drink. Like water.

So listen, remember before when I said don’t be an idiot? Remember that advice, especially when you’re going to a country where it’s +10,000°C out and you have no water. Being hydrated is probably one of the most important things to remember when you’re walking a lot, whether that’s through a city or the desert. The desert. Where you will die if you have no water.

“So listen, remember before when I said don’t be an idiot? Remember that advice.”

Fun. Take lots and lots of fun.

Guys, I can’t stress this one enough. Just take fun with you. Whatever you do, whether being captured by African warlords or quicksand, you need to have fun. Because think, if there’s no fun, why did you bother paying £8000+ on that stupid expensive suite and bottles of Grey Goose?


Some of this was based off experience, some of it was just because, you know?

Oh hey, watch the latest vlog right here:


Cool, that’s it.



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