About Me


Hi, I’m Karan. That’s me up there, the Indian-looking fellow. I’m a writer, filmmaker, wrestling enthusiast, and a fan of certain things nerdy. I work in Digital marketing and I’m currently writing my first novel. I have two websites and a Medium site. I intend on condensing my Medium and this site into one someday but until then, this is my primary site. I also like taking photos sometimes: this here is my Flickr account. I took the picture above.

The other site I’m running is Movieville.org; a project that’s been in the works since 2009. Me and a friend, @KushalJoshi are working on something real special for this site.

KaranDholakia.co.uk is a site where I’ll come to talk and vent about things, mainly Wrestling and Writing, mixed in with a few product reviews every now and then – because who doesn’t like free stuff?

You can catch me on @MovievilleKazed if you want to talk about stuff, or generally want to hurl abuse my way about some of my views.


Useful links (friends, and other stuff)

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